Pick and Place Robotic Arm

The project is designed to develop a pick and place robotic vehicle with a soft catching gripper. For example, it can safely handle a bomb very carefully to avoid explosion while catching. The robotic vehicle is android application controlled for remote operation.
At the transmitting end using android application device, commands are sent to the receiver to control the movement of the robot either to move forward, backward and left or right etc. At the receiving end four motors are interfaced to the microcontroller where two for them are used for arm and gripper movement of the robot while the other two are for the body movement.
The android application device transmitter acts as a remote control that has the advantage of adequate range, while the receiver end Bluetooth device is fed to the microcontroller to drive DC motors via motor driver IC for necessary work. Remote operation is achieved by any smart-phone/Tablet etc., with Android OS; upon a GUI (Graphical User Interface) based touch screen operation.
The main advantage of this robot is its soft catching arm that is designed to avoid extra pressure on the suspected object for safety reasons.
Further the project can be enhanced by interfacing it with a wireless camera so that the person controlling it can view operation of the arm and gripper remotely.

Automatic Irrigation System

Automated Irrigation System provides the solution for watering the lawn and the garden automatically even in the absence of human. No individual presence is needed for watering as the system is automated considering one or more of the various parameters available for irrigation scheduling such as soil moisture measurement, evapotranspiration estimates, leaf water potential canopy temperature etc. This saves the greenery of the lawn and provides proper amount of water needed in the garden. Soil moisture based irrigation system, timer based irrigation system, drip irrigation, sprinkle irrigation etc are the types of the automated irrigation system available. At this phase soil moisture based technology has been chosen. In this project, the system is controlled by using the soil moisture measuring sensor which controls the flow of water. Main components required are soil moisture sensor, control circuit, gate valve, pumping unit, timer, power supply and programming guidance.